Cleaning chemicals

Shampoo with wax 500ml3,00  3,00 
Refresher for interior surfaces, fresh air 500ml3,65  3,65 
Refresher for interior surfaces, lemon 500ml3,65  3,65 
Scratch remover 100ml4,08  4,08 
Shampoo with wax 1L4,56  4,56 
Wax Original 500ml4,94  4,94 
Plastic restorer 300ml5,38  5,38 
Bug and tar remover 500ml6,13  6,13 
Hard wax Original 397g6,23  6,23 
Wheel cleaner 500ml6,92  6,92 
Quick wax for water removal from wet surfaces 500ml7,14  7,14 
Wax for white tones 500ml7,34  7,34 
Wax for red tones 500ml7,34  7,34 
Wax for silver tones 500ml7,34  7,34 
Wax for blue tones 500ml7,34  7,34 
Wax for black tones 500ml7,34  7,34 
Climate disinfectant 75ml7,96  7,96 
Tire gloss, long-lasting dirt-repellent 500ml8,34  8,34 
Hard wax Carnauba 397g8,38  8,38 
Climate system cleaner 250ml16,06  16,06 
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