Technical chemicals

Brake cleaning agent, aerosol can 500ml2,08  2,08 
Silicone grease 38ml2,60  2,60 
Ceramic grease 75ml, can withstand up to 1000C degrees2,75  2,75 
Universal oil 100ml2,81  2,81 
Brake cleaning agent, aerosol can 500ml3,18  3,18 
Thread adhesive strong 10g4,09  4,09 
Universal oil 250ml4,26  4,26 
Penetrating oil 311g4,80  4,80 
Universal oil 311g4,85  4,85 
Aerosol of electrical parts, cleans corroded contacts, repels moisture and has lubricating properties. 200Ml5,21  5,21 
Bearing grease 200g5,41  5,41 
Ceramic grease 50g, can withstand up to -40C to + 1000C degrees5,41  5,41 
Dry chain grease 100ml5,42  5,42 
Muffler installation paste, 150ml5,53  5,53 
Penetrating oil PRO series 400ml5,53  5,53 
Thread adhesive with medium strength 10g5,54  5,54 
Universal oil 450ml5,69  5,69 
Silicone grease 400ml5,74  5,74 
Universal oil 400ml5,98  5,98 
PTFE / chain grease 250ml6,04  6,04 
PTFE grease 400ml6,19  6,19 
Lithium grease, white 359ml6,19  6,19 
Lithium grease, white 400ml6,26  6,26 
Locking grease, waterproof and tight consistency 250ml6,92  6,92 
Copper grease 100g9,35  9,35 
Dry chain grease 100ml9,95  9,95 
Hand cleaner for heavy duty14,03  14,03 
Ceramic grease in aerosol can PRO series 400ml, can withstand up to -40C to + 1000C degrees15,92  15,92 
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